Thursday 12 December 2013

The Haridasa with a difference

Haridasas are generally Vaishnavas and almost all of the Haridasas right from the time of Narahari Theertha have composed hymns and songs on Sri Hari and sung his glory.
The Haridasas have accepted Hari as the supreme god and Madhwacharya as their guru. All the Haridasas have scrupulously followed the tenets laid down by Madhwacharya.
Indeed, the origin of Haridasa Sahitya and Sangeetha goes back to the Dwadesha Stotra composed by Madhwacharya. Several Madhwa saints and composers who followed him  accepted the Vaishnava faith and propagated it in their compositions.
Thus, all the Haridasas were either Vaishnavas or converted to Vaishnava faith. If not, they wrote and sang about Hari even if they belonged to a different stream of philosophy. One of the best examples of such a Haridasa is Belur Vaikunta Dasa. A Srivaishnava, he had no hesitation in becoming a disciple of  Vyasa Raja, a Madhwa or Vaishnava saint, and writing several compositions on Hari.
Another fine example was that of Kanaka Dasa. Though not a Brahmin, he wrote about Hari and the other avatars of  Vishnu. However, in recent years, another Haridasa has shot into prominence. It is not merely because he belongs to another religion. It is also so because he sings with great devotion and faith.
This person is none other than Kanakagiri Hussein Sab or Hussein Sab Kanakagiri.
Kanakagiri Hussein Sab is a true Muslim but he also sings the glory of Hari as he finds no distinction between the two. A front runner of the Haridasa Sahitya movement today, he is at ease singing Haridasa compositions and reciting the Koran.
This Haridasa has given several concerts on Haridasa Sangeeta in Raghavendra Swamy mathas such as in Jogeshwari in Mumbai and other places including Bangalore.
A Hindustani musician himself, Hussein Sab also sings compositions of many Haridasas and even gives concerts on them.  He was born to Yamanur Sab and Honnur Bi of Kanakagiri on May 5, 1954. A devout Muslim by birth, he also grew up learning the philosophy of Haridasa. He learnt music from Devappayya Kakhandaki, a master of Hindustani music, in Bijapur.
He did his BSc in Agriculture and joined a agrochemical company. He is married to Raja Bi and he has three sons and all of them are engineers- Sabjan Sab, Habib Sab and Kasim Sab. Incidentally, Habib Sab is also a musician and he sung devotional and film songs.
What sets out Hussein Sab from others is that he has a vast repertoire of Haridasa compositions and he speaks in chaste Kannada. He also has a deep and abiding knowledge of Haridasa Sahitya, Sangeetha and of course Dwaitha philosophy. ‘
He has been awarded several times for his excellence in singing. The Mantralaya Matha of Raghavendra Swamy has conferred on him Gayana Gandharva. Some of his other awards include Sri Vijayeendra Puraskara, Vishwarupa National Celebration Award, Sri Narayana, Sri Krishnanugraha, Rajayogi, Pratibha Shree, Hari keertanashresta, Daasashree,  and Swara Surabhi.
He also been conferred the Rajyotsava award by the Karnataka Government in 1999.
He is the Chairman of Haridasa Seva Samiti and the district representative of Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat , founder member of Vijayaraaya Seva Samiti, Raichur.
By the way, he has also constructed a community hall at Chikallaparavi or Chippageri named as Sri Vijayaraaya Kalyana Mantapa.
He has several music albums to his credit including, Dasare Gati, Haridasaru kanda Gururajaru, Haridas Vani, Kori Karevevu Guru Raghavendrane, Kaayo Kaveri Ranga, Sri Vyasaraya Gana Chandrika. 

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