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An ayurvedic cure to paralysis

I was his student more than two decades ago. We met when he settled down with his son in Bangalore. By then, I was already in Bangalore.
My teacher’s wife had a stroke and she lost partial control over her left hand and one leg. Then followed the most painful movement as my teacher and his wife made a tour of  hospitals, diagnostic clinics and physio therapy centres.
There was improvement but my teacher’s wife could not regain full control over her left arm. She found difficulty in flexing her fingers and lifting weights or rather articles and even small things as combing her hair, became difficult.
Things went to such an extent that one day she when she entered the pooja room to light a lamp, the burning matchstick burnt p[art of her finger. You see, she could not throw away the match stick after lighting the lamp. Though her brain gave her a command to pout down the stick, the muscles refused to follow suit. The burning stick got extinguished only after it singed her finger.
Enough is enough said my teacher and in consultation with his son and daughter-in-law decided to opt for a home remedy at a remote place in Andhra Pradesh.
My teacher and his wife hired a car and went to the place in Andhra Pradesh which has attained fame for treating patients suffering from paralysis, stroke and other nerve related diseases.
This story is of my teacher and here it goes.
Three days ago, we hired a car and set out to Virupakshipuram which had become famous for its home remedy to cure people of their paralysis.
We had already been told about the healer and we set out from Bangalore early in the morning. We drove all along the national a highway upto Palamneer from where we took a deviation to a small village called Virupakshapuram. This is Andhra Pradesh and do not confuse it with the village near Mulabagal which is famous for the Virupaksha temple.
By the way, you have to cross Mulabagal to reach the Andhra Pradesh border. Virupakshipuram is a small hamlet in Chappidipalle in Chittor district of  Andhra Pradesh.
Once we entered the village, we found more than 100 cars already parked in a large open field with tamarind trees. As soon as we entered, we saw the healer, Mohan Rao, the son of Ranoji Rao.
Mr. Rao looked at all his patients and gave each a glass of ayurvedic liquid mixture and a fistful of rice. My wife
 First drank the liquid and then eat the raw rice.
We were then shown into a fairly big hall built by Mr Rao to help patients who come to him and their relatives take rest. We were asked to see Mr Rao again after three hours. We spent time in the hall, talking to each other and hoping for the best. Time flew quickly and we were ushered into the room where Mr. Rao treated his patients.
He once again gave my wife the Ayurvedic liquid and again a fistful of rice. This time around he gave boiled rice so that my wife could eat. There was just boiled rice and nothing else. No sambar, no rasam, no pickles or curds.
We were asked to come to him the third and final time. This time around, he gave us three bottles of the Ayurvedic liquid and asked for Rs. 500 as charges.
When my wife mentioned that her hand is still not okay, he just smiled and said everything would be all right. Take the medicines for about a fortnight and by then the stiffness in the left hand and the numbness will disappear. If not come again and take the same treatment, he said.
He then said my wife’s left hand deserved more vigorous physio therapy and he held her hand and lifted it above her head. He asked me to help my wife lift her hand in this manner every day.
We came back by evening to Bangalore and since then we have been following the routine set out by Mr Rao. He asked us not to eat meat or drink alcohol. Since we are vegetarians and Brahmins, we have no problem about the diet he has prescribed.
He has asked us to avoid food stuffs that will aggravate the paralysis or numbness. Avoid food that will warm your body, he told my wife.
By now, I have come to know that Mr. Mohan Rao belongs to the Marati family and that he has followed the footsteps of his father, Ranoji Rao, in giving home made medicines.
The home made Ayurvedic decoction is rich in blood stimulating ingredients. The medicine is made up of coriander, red chili, tamarind, cumin, ginger, pepper and goat milk.
The cure to paralysis is by traditional method of treatment. The family of Mr Rao is known for this treatment for over one hundred years.
The medicines have to be taken thrice a day between two hours interval and it has to be continued for a fortnight. Further treatment  depends upon the extent of paralysis.
The intake of  food stuffs and articles such as Urad dhal, sweet, chilled items has to be decreased gradually and Mr. Rao  recommends that the body kept warm.
The address is Mr. C. Mohan Rao, S/O C. Ranoji Rao, Virupakshipuram (village) Chappidipalle - 517 432. Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Mobile number is  94404 59200: Phone no: 08579 200347.
Reach Virupakshapuram early so as to avail the benefit of treatment. The village is near Palamneer.  It is also approachable from Kuppam.


  1. My brother recently met with an accident .After which he is unable to move due to spinal nerve compression.Would like to understand if there is any cure for this problem

    1. Well, there is no disease without any cure and no debility wihout a solution. Your brother has met with an accident and you say he has spinal nerve compression. Yes, modern allopathy treatment is called Radiculopathy.Generally such compresions are of two types-cervical and lumbar. A correct diagnosis of what is causing the radiculopathy is essential for further treatment. If nerve dysfunction is minor and symptoms are tolerable, nonsurgical treatment is better and they include physical therapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants and spinal injections.
      Try out Ayurveda treatment as mentioned in the post. Ask for the doctor mentioned in the post
      If symptoms progress or worsen, spine surgery may be recommended because prolonged spinal nerve root compression can cause permanent nerve damage.Most patients respond to nonsurgical treatment. Please leave your Email ID for a more comprehensive answer.
      We will be glad to help out in any way we can. Sorry to hear about the accident.We are sure he will get well. Our best wishes and prayers.

  2. Dear Samyuktha,

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I was searching for this gentleman and stumbled upon your post.

    My mother suffered a stroke (left hemiplegia) after a complex brain surgery and she is unable to move her left hand and leg now. I would like to know more about your teacher'wife such as what was her initial condition, how much did physio therapy help and whether the ayurvedic medicine has an effect. Would like to get your email ID for the same. Or please contact me -

    Expecting your earliest reply. Thanks in advance

  3. Thank you for your compliment. I hope the article and the details there will help your mother. We wish her a speedy recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do from our side to help her.

  4. Sir my sister suffered from paralysis from last 6 months. She can't talk and move. Please help

  5. Sir my sister suffered from paralysis from last 6 months. She can't talk and move. Please help

    1. Mr. Ravi Shankar, We are sorry to hear about your sister's condition. We are here to help you. Please let us know what kind of help you want from us.

    2. my mother suffered from paralysis the liquid decoction mention can you give the dosage,the tamarind is it fruits or bark what is the exact measurement its herbs, did the patient mention cured with her paraysis what is the development. thanks a lot waiting on your reply-jolly from the phillipines

  6. my mother is suffering form paralysic since 2 year
    one right leg and arm is paralyzed completly plz help me for god sake
    tell me where to go and treat my mother.
    my email id
    tell me your suggestions on the above given email id...

    1. u please go to palamner in chittoor Dt. from there 20km virupakshipuram. Mr.mohan Rao will give medicine three times in a day rich there at 7 am two months curse. if any information call me on 09986659928 my name is Akbar ali

  7. Hi All,

    My kid is 5 years old and he is suffering from developmental delay (neuro problem in brain) along with frequent seziure (fix). He cannot walk/stand/sit/speak. So can anyone please suggest me the Dr.Mohan Rao treatment is suitable for my kid.


  8. My father had a mild stroke and his left side has been effected though he can move his left hand and feet, he could not stand up on his own. Can you help him in some treatment. If so knindly let me know the cost and chances of recovery. A line of confirmation can highly be appreciated as we can stsrt the treatment. Kindly do inform us immediately.

    +91 9954514618

  9. My father 70 yr old had a big stroke 7mm and his right side has been effected though he can'nt move his right hand and feet, he could not speak up . Can you help him in some treatment. If so knindly let me know the cost and chances of recovery. sorry we cannot come to ur destination so pl; post the medicine/ send the details by post or mail we will pay for that ----- Kindly do inform us immediately.

  10. i am 54years old male.i had a paralysis stroke 4 years ago.i visited neurological doctor.he suggested clopilet75mg,ecospirin 150 mg,telsorton h active 40 mg.glimy m 1.with continuous usage of medicine and physiotherapy slight improvement is there but icould not lift my leg and hand and i could not get the grip.i am so upset as if is this the end of my life.please suggest.

    1. Mr. Rekha, we have sent a reply and we hope it is satisfactory. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

    2. Hello,
      My friend met with an accident 10 yrs ago which broke the C-5 and C-6. it has left him paralysed from neck down. His arms and legs have atrophied. Do you think the medicines could help so old a case.
      Also the paralysis has come of a result of a break in the nerves and not from a stroke.
      he lives high up in the mountains and will not be able to make such a long and difficult trip.
      Atleast not now, maybe in the very near future.
      he has just started some ayurvedic treatment. And I ma encouraging himn for regular ayurvedic and physio therapy treatment.
      Do you think Dr. Rao's medicines could help this man gain a little more independance in his life.
      Hope to hear from you Soon,
      Sunita Singh

  11. Hullo,
    From the information that you bave given, it appears that your friend has suffered a Cervical (neck) injury which may or may not have resulted in full or partial tetraplegia (Quadriplegia). Though the limbs have atrophied, it can be treated but this entirely depends on the specific location and severity of trauma. SInce your friend has started regular treatment and physio therapy, limited function may be retained.
    Is the C5 for him resulted in potential loss of function at the biceps and shoulders and complete loss of function at the wrists and hands.IF so, physio therapy can help.
    Is his C6 resulting in limited wrist control and complete loss of hand function.
    If the answert to both are yes, then Ayurveda says it can deal with them-how much and to what extent depends on the patient, the injury and other factors.Today, research is already at an advanced stage on harnessing stem cells for many such debilities. Sion Hospital in Mumbai and NUMHANS in Bangalore have excellent tratment and diagnosis facilities.
    As far as Ayurveda is concerned, it has its own methods.There are different streams and Kerala system is hugely popular in south India. For any diagnosis and cure, bringing a patient to a doctor is very essential. How and when you do entirely depends on personal factors.
    In case you are referring to Mohan Rao and his treatment, he is based near Chitoor n Andhra Pradesh and you can contact him directly. Only he can answer your query on how effective the cure could be. But yes, sustained physoiotherapy can lead to your friend becoming independent.
    We hope the reply is satisfactory. Please do not hesitate to ask for any clarification. But we would like to make it clear that you must consult a doctor before taking any further steps.

    1. Yes, your reply is satisfactory....Yes, he is a quadrilegiac now. He has sensation in his shoulders till the elbows, that is all. The ayurvedic treatment has just started & hopefully regular physio therapy also starts.... i think he has spent the last 10 yrs, lying down and dreaming about Stem Cells, but I feel more natural treatment will be better, atleast for the time being.
      That atrophy can be treated, and can get better, is already very hopeful.
      I would very much like him to go and meet Dr. Mohan Rao....but i htink it'll be awhile before he can travel.
      i will try and speak to Dr. Rao, and see what he will suggest.
      Thankyou, you have given me a lot of hope for him.
      In future i will also try and find out more about these hospitals (when the time is right)
      I hope everything works out for him & he truly becomes more independant.
      If, possible, I will like to keep in touch for further enquiries.
      i hope that is okay.
      Also, one question- at the moment he has 10 yrs of atrophy in all his limbs and also since he lives very high up in the mountains in the Himalayas, it'll be very difficult for him to travel.... Maybe for the time being we stick to Ayurveda, Physio therapy and tibetan herbal medicines. Hopefully he will be in a better condition 6 months from now and we can then move on to Dr. Mohan Rao's medicine... Of course, we will consult his Ayurvedic doctor, who is very nice and let us see, what happens. If you do come to know anything further about Stem Cell treatment, especially in delhi, do please let us know.
      Thankyou, very much, you have helped me a lot
      Sunita Singh

    2. Hullo,
      We are glad that the reply was of some help to you.
      Yes stem cell research is recent and in India it is still at the nascent stage.
      Atrophy can be treated but I believe it is a slow and sometimes painful process.
      You can correspond with Dr, Mohan Rao and explain the situation to him. I am sure he will be of immense help.
      Since allopathy has a lot of side effects, many people and even patients have met me and said ayurveda and natural healing is a better and more positive option. Since your friend stays high up in the mountains, the air and water are not as polluted as in the plains and the environment too should be conducive for recovery.
      Yes, please stick to Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine. Do consult the doctor at every step and keep him in the loop .
      Yes, there are plenty of hospitals in and around Delhi and other places in north which carry out stem cell procedures. We ill make inquiries and refer the best to you. Last but not the least, we are in touch with our contributors in US for cures and there is a lot of development there. Many of these are under FDA supervised trials. We ill give you the contact number and information as and when we obtain it.
      Please feel free to contact us anytime you want. We assure you that your friend will get better.
      I hope we have answered all the queries raised by you.
      Wishing you and your friend the best

    3. Thankyou for your reply....
      What is the best way to communicate with Dr. Mohan Rao... Do i write him a letter explaining him the whole situation ( i dont have photos of my friend to send him, so he will not be able to see the condition). Also, is it a good idea to call him and if so, when??? As a doctor he must be very busy all the time....
      I thank you for all your help and your concern... and i will like to keep in contact and please also let me know whatever information comes up.
      I don't have much faith in stem cells but I have lot of hope and faith in ayurveda and natural treatments.... but, i do hope, a cure is found for paralysis, especially when it can occur from an accident on an otherwise very healthy body.
      Also, pls do let me know of anything you can think of.... i would like to see my friend more independant from an otherwise very sad and dependant life...
      Thnk you very much

    4. Hullo and thanks for your response.
      Our suggestion is that you first talk to Dr Mohan Rao and then write a letter. The best time to talk would be in the evening as we are told that he finishes seeing all his patients by then. If not, please call him early morning, I am sure Dr Rao will have a solution to your problem.
      As far as our input goes, we will let you know as and when our team informs us about medicines, developments and other aspects. We will also keep in touch.
      Yes, stem cell research is new and it is yet to become popular. Ayurveda does have a cure. We are in touch with Kerala system of Ayurveda for more inputs and we will post details shortly. We wish your friend early recovery.

  12. Dear Samyuktha,

    I have 4 years and 3 months old son. He has developmental delay. He is not able to walk on his own. Can't speak clearly except few words.

    do you recommend us for this treatment.

    best Regards

    1. Dear Vijay,
      Developmental delay is curable. Early diagnosis is important to resolve this problem. Mind you, I have used the word problem and not any other word as such debilities are definitely curable. However, we can recommend the Ayurveda treatment only if we know more about the condition of your son. However, from what you have written about your son, it seems he is suffering from a mild form of autism. The lack of coherence in uttering words and if he blabbers instead of speaking clearly indicates Asperger Syndrome. Generally speaking, Carcinocin, Secretin and Thuja are used to treat such mild cases.Ayurveda does work and it has three stages-Poorva Karma, Pancha Karma and Pashchatya Karma. Apart from this. Yoga helps tremendously. There are a variety of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines to treat autism and almost all of them are given to streamline and improve the digestive system and the brain as Ayurveda says the cause of Autism is poor metabolism.
      Herbs such as Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Padmak (Nelumbo nucifera), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra) Vacha (Acorus calamus) and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)
      are generally used for treatment.
      Some of the Ayurvedic medicines used in Autism are Brahmi ghritam, Chaitanoday rasa, Suvarna prashan, , Suvarna brahmi vati, Saraswat churna, Saraswatarishtam, Panch gavya ghritam
      and Panch tikta ghrita guggul.
      Ayurveda also believes in diet therapy.
      To get an overall picture, please consult an Ayurveda Practitioner. In case you need any other information, please feel free to contac us and we will help.
      I hope the reply is satisfactory.

  13. Dear Samyuktha Harshitha,

    i gon through your blog my mother had paralysis attack from nov 2010
    she is a diabetic patient ,first we take english medicine for one week
    in hospital admitted, then we went to ayurvedic medicine for some
    3months.we given physiotherpy later in 2013 june she is walking
    somewhat, we contuined english medicines only , again unfortunately some one said it will cured soon so
    that we changed treatment to acupunture and medicine given there is
    homopathy along acupunture , then 2months later sugar raised to 450
    then again we admitted my mother in hospital for one week and blood
    level is low so we given 3units of blood and now she is in bed only
    not able to get up from bed and not able to walk, palamaner treatment
    will be curable if i take my mother for treatment there. my mother age is

    1. Hullo Sekar,
      We are extremely sorry to hear about your mother's condition. From your mail, it appears that you have tried out allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy and acupunture. Our suggestion is that you stick on to one form of treatment and follow it diligently. We are sure any treatment will yield results provided it is taken regularly. As far as the palamner treatment is concerned, you have to take your mother there for treatment. We are sure it will be effective.

    2. Dear Samyuktha harshitha

      i am taking my mother on saturday morning at 5am from chennai ( take as example) that day we wont take sugar tablets na then friday also we wont take medicines ah or if she takes not a problem ah then same day we come back home it is possible sorry samyu asking again and again pls reply for this am planning to go there by 15th of this month

  14. Hullo Sekar,
    Please continue with the medication such as sugar tabs and others. Do not neglect to give them to your mother. Since they have been prescribed by doctors who have examined her, you should take their opinion before discontinuing their use. You can meet the Ayurvedic practitioner and explain the problem to him. Please call and find out his availability,. However, the most important thing is to ensure that your mother does not strain herself during and after the journey. Give her sufficient rest and allow her some time to relax. Since you have to be be present early morning, it is better if you plan the travel earlier and take adequate precautions. Please let us know if you need any other help.

  15. Dear Samyuktha Harshitha,

    can you tell me the Dr.mohan Rao contact number so that i check the availability and then i will go palamanar as soon as possible you reply for this msg

  16. Dear Samyuktha Harshitha

    Hi can you tell me Dr.Mohan Rao contact Number so that i check him availability and then i will go to palamanar as soon as possible you reply

  17. Hello Samyukta Harshita Garu,

    My Father was Suffering from Paralysis since February 2013, Now he is taking alopathy medicine. Now we are in Hyderabad. My father facing paralysis with right leg & Right Hand side. Is there any solution from your end. Why I am writing to my fathers problem, you will definitely replying ever post, that why I am writing our problem to you. If possible please give that doctors address & contact numbers. We are waiting for your reply.

  18. Hi Samyaukta,

    First of all thanks for the blog, it has given me hopes that there is a treatment for paralysis. You are doing great service to humanity and may god give you/your family all the blessings...

    My father had paralysis attach recently i.e. past month due to high blood pressure and blood clotting. He is in hospital and not able to speak, also his left side is impacted due to the attack.Both left leg and hand are not moving.He is diabetic with BP problem and recovery of small injuries also takes time.Please can you help and let us know if we can take him to MR Rao..since he is diabetic not sure if rice can help him..

    Anil Singh

    1. Hi Ajay,
      First of all, best wishes to your father for a speedy recovery.
      As far as your father's condition goes, paralysis due to high BP and blood clotting can be cured. There are several ways to treat them and at the same time prevent another one from occurring. Some stroke patients can be regularly treated with medicines to destroy clots in the brain by breaking them and also to stop other clots from forming. Others can be treated with surgery to bypass any burst blood vessels. Ayurveda too has its cure. I am sure Mr. Rao can help him. Please call him and take an appointment. Let us know if you need any further information. Once again, we wish your father a speedy recovery.

      People who have had a stroke can often make a good recovery with the help of a range of health professionals. Most people's treatment will be carried out by a stroke team. The stroke team may include physiotherapists, speech therapists, dietitians, occupational therapists and psychologists. This team will help the person to regain some or all of the abilities they have lost, and work with them to ensure that they do not have another stroke.

  19. Hi Samyuktha,

    Can I have Mr.Rao contact number since my uncle has paralysis diseases from past 9 months and He got this due to High BP and which is controlled but paralysis is not cured. He can walk like a baby and no change in hand movement. I tried reaching Mr.Rao on 08579-200347 and 9440459200 but no luck. both are switch off always. I want to know whether this can be cured since I need to take my uncle from Vijayawada which is too long to the place. If you post Mr.Rao number then it will be very helpful.

  20. Hi Kiran,
    I am sorry, we do not have any telephone numbers of Mr. Rao. We are not connected to him in any manner. We only published the article to highlight the fact that local cures do exist and in scores of cases, hey have worked. Indian systems of medicine have proved to be better and this is best reflected in the growing number of tablets,tonics and medication sporting local herbs, honey, tulsi, saffron and spices as ingredients.
    We ill try to get you the telephone number.
    We wish your uncle a speedy recovery.

  21. Hello samyukta,
    My father suffered from brain stroke and now he is recovering good.but left side of his body is affected.he is regularly on physiotherapy but he is able to move his legs and slightly walks with physio training . I am expecting a better recovery of him.this blog has really given me faith for me.plz guide me

  22. Hi Samyukta
    I did not understand this point can you please explain this
    He has asked us to avoid food stuffs that will aggravate the paralysis or numbness. Avoid food that will warm your body,

    My Name is Armugam, I lives in Bangalore, My Mom AGE above 70yrs is affected with paralysis condition initial stage, already I took her to Dr. Mohan roa twice. Little improvement has been there. I want to know how many time she need to take medicine, please let me know
    I cant afford traveling expenses by taking car by travels.

    I Want Information

  23. Hi Samyuktha,

    My Name is Armugam, I lives in Bangalore, My Mom AGE above 70yrs is affected with paralysis condition initial stage, already I took her to Dr. Mohan roa twice. Little improvement has been there. I want to know how many time she need to take medicine, please let me know.


    I cant afford traveling expenses by taking car by travels.

    I Want Information


    Thanking You,

  24. Hi,
    I am looking for Treatment in paralysis for my son of age 2.6 yrs old.

    Please help me if anyone knows about it.

  25. Hi,

    I am sunita.
    My son is of 2.6 years . facing right side body paralysis.
    He is not able to speak and use actively the hands and leg of right side.
    Please help me.
    My id


    1. Hullo Sunita,
      Sorry for not being able to reply to your mail as we were away.
      Yes, your son can recover and he can also use his right side of the limbs. Please give us a week for a detailed reply.

  26. Dear Samukta,

    I have been so fortunate to see this blog so recently. Kindly read this for 2 minutes.

    My mother who is 51 years suffered a paralytic stroke 5 years back which is known in medical terms to be "Basal Ganglia".

    We have been continuing physiotherapy for more than 5 years now and still no results have been seen.

    I have seen this blog now. We are planning to visit this place. Just wanted to ask you a few details before that:

    1) Is there an appointment required to visit the doctor here ? If yes, how should we
    contact, who should we contact, as the phone numbers are not working

    2) If we can go directly to meet the doctor, does the patient need to stay there
    overnight. Because since my mother is handicapped, so i am thinking in those

    Can you please answer this. I would really appreciate you taking time for answering this at the earliest.

    Wish you good luck and god bless you for giving useful information.


  27. Hullo Mr. Srikumar,
    First of all, our apologies for a delayed response.
    We are sorry to hear about the stroke your mother suffered. We can assure you that regular and intensive physiotherapy can help your mother in overcoming Basal Ganglia. One of our experts is working on writing an article on it after seeing your mail.
    Yes, it is always better to telephone and go but if the phone is not working, go early in the morning so that you can come back the same day. There is no need to stay overnight and the doctor has to first see your mother before giving the medicines. We will try yo get the phone numbers if possible.
    Since the doctor is famous in the area, you will not have any problem in getting to the place. Wishing your mother fast recovery.
    Samyuktha Harshitha

  28. Hi

    My son is 2.10 months old, He has a problem with his right hand and right leg. He cannot use his right hand to lift anything and he doesnt keep his right leg straight while walking. This is due to his neuro problem. But he is very quick in understanding things.. Can i get any help on his right hand and leg

  29. Amma baghavan
    Respected Sir,

    I need help for my grandpa,
    Age 75 above, Last week he fall down suddenly while walking.
    From that, He can't able to walk, sit and speak.
    Only liquid food things alone he was able to take little amount.
    For us so far to travel and get the treatment with my grandpa.
    Without patient if they give medicines with proper guidence means i 'll come and get for my grandpa. Like that,
    Is possible to get a medicine from Mr.Rao's without patient directly?

    Please help me immediately @ +91 8012919451

  30. hello madam can english medicine continue with mr.Rao medicine or we should use only one for the paralysis my mother is suffering form one year unable to walk properly and everything rather than that is fine , she is a fits patient so we cant stop english medicine please give the solution so that i can visit the hospital when ever is free

  31. it is compulsory to eat only allowed food while under medication..because i am in it is difficult to get food like in prescription

  32. In this article... I found that the patient had taken liquid medicine, but I couldn't find the cure or healing part....

  33. my mother 74 year old. she has paralysis on her right hand and leg due to high BP and brain hamerage. brain stroke came 6 month ago.there is no recovery on her right and leg. doctor say there is no possibility of recovery after 6 it true? i am worried about my mother's health.we are far away (Rajkot- Gujarat) from Andhra. can we get medicine by post without taking my mother there? please send mail at or mob. 09825649591


  34. Hi, Thanks for the wonderful and very helpful post. I took my mother to Virupakshipuram and got this medicine on 01/22, he told us to take the medicine for 3 times. I will keep you all posted about how she does. I am really hoping for her to improve.

    Honestly, did any one get cured from mr. mohan rao? I would like to hear any success stories if there are.

    1. Hi,my father has affected from paralysis in october 2014 he able to walk but his left hand is partially functioning .Can I prefer this treatment, as your mother is getting the treatment from three months did you see any positive response

  35. Hi, My Aunt is around 45 years old and got a stroke 3 months back. She is attacked from polio since from her childhood and her left leg was affected. Now she had stroke and her whole right side portion of her body is not working and she is unable to speak. We tried with English medicine and Ayurvedic medicine and massage also but nothing worked. Since she was already handicap and now due to stroke her both legs are not functioning and not able to lift her right hand also. The doctor said she might having high BP and diabetis from past 2-3 years. She never went to doctor and due to her negligence this happened. Kindly suggest whether taking her to palamneer will help her to cure disease.

  36. My husband is suffering from parkinsons in the initial stages . Can this treatment be extended to him ? Hand shivering is the most prominent symptom now.

  37. My husband is suffering from parkinsons in the initial stage. Can this treatment be extended to him also ? Hand shivering is the prominent symptom now .

  38. Will this treatment be advisable for patients suffering from spino cerebellar ataxia.
    kindly Help.

  39. Hey guys I never knew about this forum...let me tell u ..5 years ago I had gone to this place with my father..he had a stroke due to high BP..left leg n hand was effected n completely. Lost its sense.upon my neighbours advise I had gone.i was not sure if this works but thought let me try was a 3 time visit in a span of 2 me it works..all u guys have to do is follow the food diet very strictly when u r taking his medication n it work...atlest u will see a sign of of luck

  40. Hi Samyuktha,
    Thanks for the information, actually today I had been to Virupakshipura village, but unfortunately before entering the village we saw a board for medicines for paralysis and got confused with the one who was issuing the paralysis medicines. He gave some tree root with some black colored medicine mixed in that root asked us to have with milk daily 2 times. After returning back home when I came across the photos of Dr. Mohan Rao and hence got surprised. now we do not know whether we got cheated or not. Question is can we use this medicine? else need to travel to the village once again to meet the doctor.
    Since my Mother has lost her both kidneys and she is on a regular dialysis I am a little scared to give this medicine, please suggest at the earliest

  41. Thanks Samyuktha for sharing such a wonderful therapy, this will really helpful for a paralysis patience who is suffering from such a long time.
    neurology remote consultation

  42. Dear Sir,

    My son is around 6 year old. He is not using his left hand and left leg fully. Though he walks he walks on the toe. So wanted to just check can i get some help from here. Also wanted to know where you are located.

  43. Our Doctors renowned for “NADI PARIKSHA” diagnostics, Therapists & guest-friendly Executives add-up to provide growth impetus for MAH & MA Clinics. ayurvedic doctors in delhi

  44. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for posting this blog as this has helped thousands of people suffering.
    I would like to know as is there any specific time period from the time of the stroke, within which this treatment has to be taken? Kindly follow me up with this. Thanks

    Email ID -

  45. Dear Samyuktha,
    Thanks for the information. My husband is suffering from CVT [ Cervical Venous Thrombosis]. Blood clot is there in his veins in right side brain. Would 'Mohan Rao's" medicine could cure my husband's problem. Thank you in advance

  46. Yes what samyuktha mentioned is completely truth and helpfull too ...I am from kolar dist. and one year back my dad got paralysis attack to his legs and hands and from some one reference we gone to same place virupaksha in andhra there one person had given very good treat and medicine it's really a miracle with in two days my dad started to walk.....don't forget all along with medicine family care and love is very important .

  47. Will this treatment works for dyskenesia and dystonia

  48. My mother is suffering from Parkinson's disease. Is this medicine suitable for her. Please kindly reply.

  49. 12 years stroke (hemiplegia) survivor.
    I had the greatest shock of my life when i had a cardiac arrest 12 years ago and slumped into comma. I was in comma for a year and three months before i was able to open my eyes. I stuttered with speech and and i noticed i could not move the full right side of my body my hands and legs this was when the doctor told me i had stroke (hemiplegia). I was bedridden and kept in a wheel chair when i need to move for 10 years more and it became worse because i started having memory failure i hardly remember anything. The condition was debilitating and even my neurologist could not help me with his several therapy. My wife came in one day with a medicine she got from a herbal doctor she wanted me to start taking that i will be okay, i was reluctant because i had given up already and was waiting for my death day. she talked me into taking it telling me how much she love and cares about me and how she and the kids are gonna miss me. I took the medicine for 3 months as recommended and my condition improved i was able to walk and move those parts affected by the stroke and today i have fully recovered after 12 years of horror. Do not die because of ignorance you too can be well again. just contact him on for more information on about it and how to get his medicine. thanks for allowing me share my story.

  50. Hi Samyuktha,

    Thanks for such a detailed post. Your help to others will generate unimaginable goodwill.

    My father had brain hemorrhage in Feb 2016 and thus suffered paralysis in the left side of the body. As of now he is able to walk slowly but in his left hand, there is no movement at all. We live in Rajasthan. Do you think Dr. Mohan ji will give medicines to take home as it would be difficult to come here from Rajasthan. My email id is