Friday 29 March 2013

Accommodation at Tirupathi

Vyasa Raja or Vyasa Raya is one of the most important Madhwa saints. He is ranked alongside Madhwacharya and Jaya Theertha or Teekacharya in his knowledge and eradication of Madhwa philosophy.
The seer occupies a unique place in the annals of Madhwa papampare. He is the founder of both Vyasa Koota and Dasa Koota and it was he who gave an impetus to Dasa Sahitya.
Vyasa Raja’s Guru was Bramanye Theertha of Abbur and his vidya Guru was Sripadaraja of Mulabagal. Vyasa Raja and Srinivasa Theertha, also of Vyasaraja Matha and successor of Vyasa Raja, were products of the Vidyapeeta of Sripadaraja at Mulabagal.
Sripadaraja deputed Vyasa Raja to perform poojas to Srinivasa at Tirupathi. Vyasa Raja stayed on in Tirupathi for 12 long years from 1486 to 1498 and every day performed pooja to Srinivasa.
He also set up a matha in the hill town and it came to be known as Vyasaraja matha.
The Vyasaraja matha in Tirumala has once again started offering accommodation for pilgrims visiting the lord of seven hills. The rooms can be booked at any one of the Bangalore One Centres in Bangalore.
The matha has tied up with Bangalore One Centre to facilitate pilgrims to book accommodations at Tirumala. There are 75 Bangalore One centres in Bangalore and devotees and pilgrims can book accommodation at any of the centres.
In case you need further details, please call 080 26610097.

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