Friday 29 March 2013

Status report on Vyasaraja Matha

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1. The devotees of the Mutt were expressing their concerns over financial irregulaties and mismanagement of properties and illegal alienation. In the year 1991, Sri.B.R.G.K.Achar had filed a writ petition in the High Court of Karnataka praying for an enquiry. Pursuant to court order enquiry was conducted by a Committee headed by Endowment Commissioner which submitted a report dated 03.09.2011. Out of 11 allegations 9 were held proved. Major irregularities are as follows:
a. Choultry at Tirumala was leased by collecting Rs. 1.27 Cores.
b. House in Govindarajapuram leased for Rs. 15 Lakhs
c. Illegal transactions with regard to 559 acres of land in Pattemvenlapalli of Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh
d. Property in Srirangam leased out
e. 79000 Sq. Ft Land in Madurai sold.
f. Tirumala property was again offered at Rs. 2.60 Crores. Advacne amount of Rs. 35 lakhs collected. Cheques issues and bounced. Swamiji was arrested in criminal case. Penalty of Rs. 35 lakhs paid.
g. Mysore choultry mortgaged for Rs. 25 lakh and money deposited in Swamiji’s account
2. The State Govt after examining the case, appointed Shri. K. Jairaj Addl. Chief Secretary as Administrator on 26.05.2012.
3. The jewellery of Mutt were recorded in an inventory conducted by a Court Commissioner appointed by City Civil Court Bangalore in the year 2006 in a suit filed by Vyasaraja Seva Samiti.
4. The administrator got another inventory done in 2012. 17 invaluable antique jewels worth crores of rupees are missing.
5. Swamiji has challenged appointment of Administrator in the High Court. One Sosale Prakash has also challenged the same order.
6. Both writ petition have been dismissed by order dated 02.01.2013. Swamiji and Sosale Prakash have challenged the said orders in writ appeals. The division bench has not granted any interim relief to them.
This is the matter that has been in public domain, It was published in the Tatwa Chandrika magazine and also on the net by the Administrator of the Matha, Sri K, Jairaj.  

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