Monday 22 October 2012

Why women cannot keep a secret


Have you ever wondered why a woman cannot keep a secret. Or why is it that it is more likely to a woman than a man to spill a secret.
Well, if you think I am a MCP, you are way off the mark. Surveys conducted in the West have shown or rather proved that women are more prone to spill a secret than a man.
Don’t you agree? Do you differ from this view. Then please take a look at a survey conducted in United Kingdom of 3,000 women by a facial skincare brand. Here is some media reports on the survey. Happy reading. 
According to the study by Simple in 2009, one in ten women admitted to not being able to keep a secret, no matter how personal or confidential it is. A staggering 85 per cent said that they relish gossip.
At least 50 per cent of the women surveyed said they felt an urge to reveal their secret, while 13 per cent said they would intentionally blab.
The women are likely to reveal their secret in 47 hours and 15 minutes. Wow, what holding capacity.
Now, may readers might be wondering how on earth such an article came to be written in this blog. Well, there is a Puranic connection to this matter you know and it dates back to the time of the Mahabharata. No wonder, I too felt an overwhelming urge to reveal this secret or is it really a secret.
Please take a look at the Indian connection of why women cannot keep secrets.
The Kurukshetra war was on between the Pandavas and the Kauvaras. The war was fought over an 18-day period and by all Puranic accounts it was the most destructive war ever fought in the Indian subcontinent,
Karna was the commander of the Kauravas on the 16th and 17th day of the war.Karna is now the commander of the Kaurava and he is the last hope for Duryodhana. Krishna , who is Arjuna’s charioteer, cautions Arjuna on the might of Karna.
Karna defeats four of the five Pandavas on the 16th day of the war but lets all of them get away with their life as he is mindful of the promise he made to his mother Kunti that he would spare the lives of all Pandavas except Arjuna. Thus Yudhistera, Bheema, Nakula, Sahadeva are all defeated. It is almost nearing dusk when Karna commences his battle against Arjuna. He does defeat Arjuna but as the night sets in, the battle ends. This is so as one of the conditions of the battle was that there should not be any war once the bugle is sounded at dusk.   
On the next day, Arjuna has his revenge. One of the wheels of Karna’s chariot gets struck in the soil. Karna alights and even as he gives his shoulder to the chariot, Arjuna shoots him dead.  
The Pandavas are initially ecstatic about having killed Karna. But their happiness soon turns into anguish, pain and even shame when their mother Kunti reveals that Karna is her eldet son and therefore he is their eldest brother.
All the Pandavas are shocked into silence and none more so than Arjuna. The Pandavas grieve for having committed fratricide. Their grief turns into admiration for Karna when Kunti says he had promised to spare all his brothers but Arjuna.
Arjuna too is overcome by grief. His pain is all the more when he recollects the manner in which he had shot arrows at a helpless warrior. He also sees how Karan held on to his life even as he lay mortally wounded. Krishna had then told him that Karna would take some time to die as all the good he had performed in his life was protecting him. He had then urged Arjuna to shoot more arrows and Arjuna had done so till Karna lay lifeless.
The embodiment of Dharma, Yudhishtira uncharacteristically turns on his mother Kunti for not telling the truth about Karna. In a fit of rage, he then curses all women, saying that hereafter they should never be able to keep a secret.
Well, this is the story with the Indian connection, So next time ant one asks a woman why she could not keep a secret, point a finger at Yudhistira and say,”I gossip because of him.”
In a more serious note, after Karna dies, Krishna himself performs the last rites. He is the only person in the entire epic to be accorded this honour.

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