Monday 29 October 2012

The temple where Parvathi appears in dreams

One of the most enchanting spots in Kolar district, Avani has a hoary past. It has several temples of antiquity and all of them have their own tales to relate. However, the temple I am talking about is the Seetha Parvathi Temple atop a hillock in Avani.
Avani is just 10 kms from Mulabagilu and 16 kms from Kolar Gold Fields. It is located in Kolar district and it is easily approachable from Bangalore.
I have visited Avani several times and the Seetha Parvathi Temple has never ceased to amaze. I have also guided several off my friends towards this temple. Almost all of my friends who went there have spoken about the beauty of Avani and the history associated with it.
Several women who have gone there said they had experienced some divinity at the temple of Seetha-Parvathi. Some of my friends who did not have a child for many years, were blessed with children after they prayed at this temple.
I am penning down the legend of the temple as it was narrated to me by the priest and also several locals of Avani. I hope it can help somebody. So here goes the story.
The temple of Seetha Parvathi goes back to the times of the Ramayana.
Seetha comes here when she is pregnant  Rama had asked Seetha to be taken away from Ayodhya after a washerman comments on the chastity of Seetha. The washerman is overheard telling his wife that he is not Rama to forgive his wife for staying with a man.
Rama is anguished by the remark and asks Lakshmana to take away Seetha from the kingdom. In course of her travels, Seetha comes to Avani where Valmiki has his ashrama.
Valmiki asks Seetha to stay back and she agrees. Seetha makes one of the case here her home. (This cave can still be seen today). Seetha worships Parvathi daily. She prays for the well-being of her unborn children and even Rama.
The temple of Seetha Parvathi is atop the hillock. Locals and several of my friends have vouched for the fact that Goddess Parvathi can be felt here.  The priest and the locals say that the cave in Valmiki ashrama, which also has the temple nearby, has medicinal properties.
Well, coming back to the story. Couples who want a child should come here and bathe at the small pond on the top of the hillock called Dahushkodi. Legend has it that Lakshmana shot an arrow here and water sprung up.
Women are expected to bathe here without changing clothes. She should then carry a coconut which will be given by the priest to the temple. Before reaching the temple, they have to go through some caves.
When the woman reaches the garba gudi, she starts feeling sleepy and she falls asleep near the shrine. My friends tell me that their wives dreamt of Parvathi when they fell asleep here. All the women told their husbands that they saw a woman with ornaments and articles which a pregnant woman has or a woman who has delivered has.
Months after  such dreams, the women delivered. This story told here is one of faith and devotion. There is nothing more than getting the blessing of God. The fruits of devotion will always come, however late.
Please find time to visit the time and also talk to the priest of the Seetha Parvathi Temple and the  locals of Avani. Then decide if you want to go through the experience or not.   

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