Wednesday 24 October 2012

The present status of Sosale Vyasaraja Matha

This is an article on the present status of the Vyasaraja Matha, which is one of the oldest Madhwa mathas.
The Vyasaraja Matha has a long and hoary history. The founder of this math is Rajendra Theertha.
There is an interesting story behind the establishment of this matha. The presiding seer of the Madhwa Matha, Vidhadhiraja Theertha, had appointed Rajendra Theertha as his successor.  (Vidyadhiraja was the successor of Jaya Theertha or Teekacharya).
However, when the time to hand over the reigns of the Matha came, Rajendta Theertha was away on Sanchara. Rajendra Theertha’s brother Kavindra Theertha was given the pontificate. Rajendra Theertha then came down south to Kumbakonam and subsequently founded a Sri Matha which came to be known as Vyasaraja Matha. After Rajendra Theertha, came Jayadwaja Theertha, Puroshatama Theertha, Bramanye Theertha and then Vyasa Theertha or Vyasa Raja.
The contribution of  Vyasa Raja to Madhwa literature, philosophy and religion was so immense and he was such a towering personality that the matha came to be named after him. Several decades later,  the matha divided and the new entity came to be known as Kundapur Vyasaraja Matha or Abbur matha. The original matha called itself Sosale Matha. While Abbur is near Chennapatna, Sosale is near T. Narsipur near Mysore.
A few years ago, several devotees of the Sosale matha and even a samithi began leveling allegations of mismanagement against the management of the matha. The State Government took over the administration of the Matha and appointed former BBMP Commissioner and former Additional Chief Secretary K. Jairaj as an administrator.
I can personally vouch for the fact that one of the last acts of V.S, Acharya as a Minister before he succumbed to a heart attack was signing on a file approving the take over of the matha.
After the Matha was taken over, Mr. Jairaj and his team have started operating from the premises of the Vyasraja Matha in Basavanagudi.
I have met Mr. Jairaj and his team several times and they tell me that they are only in charge if the administrative aspect and that they do not interfere with the religious affairs of the Matha.
They told me that  they  had started and almost completed the enumeration of movable and  immovable properties of the matha. They said the services of the staff of  the matha have been regularized and salary is being paid on time. A magazine, Tatwa Chandrika, has been launched. The matha is also officially on facebook - and another personal profile at
The income and expenditure of the matha is being regulated and all expenses are being accounted for.
Mr. Jairaj said that the Vyasaraja Matha on Tirumala hills and  the Payonidhi Auditorium in Mysore are under the administration of   his team. There are  plans to make it convenient for devotees of the Matha to avail the facilities at Tirumala  and  Mysore. .
He said he and his team members had  meetings with managers of all branches of the matha and asked them to keep in mind the interest of the devotees.
The matha’s web has been redesigned and the latest developments, including  details of  the team’s work, is  being posted and tweeted.
(This article is only to give details about the matha and It is not intended in any manner to support or canvass for or againat any person or party. I visit the Vyasaraja matha almost every day and I am familiar with its history and tradition. )

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