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Madhwa Mathas and their Peetadhipathis

In an earlier article, I had tried to trace the history of Madhwa mathas. Here is a list of the peetadhipathis of some of the mathas. I have only given a partial list of heads of Madhwa mathas. The list of heads of other maths will be updated in the days to come.
Let me start with the eight maths or Asta mathas.

Palimar Matha  

Palimar is a small village seven kms from Udupi. Madhwacharya asked Hrishikesha Teertha to head this Matha. This matha has a copy of the Sarvamoola Grantha written by  Hrikesha Teertha, one of the disciples of Madhwacharya. This work is in Tulu.
His work Anumadhvacharita relates incidents of  life and works of Madhwacharya. 

The pontiffs of this matha are:   
1. Sri Hrshikesha Teertha
2. Sri Samatmesha Teertha
3. Sri Aparajitha Teertha
4. Sri Vidyamurti Teertha
5. Sri Rajarajeshwara Teertha
6. Sri Srinidi Teertha
7. Sri Videsha Teertha
8. Sri Srivallabha Teertha
9. Sri Jagadbhushan Teertha
10. Sri Ramachandra Teertha
11. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
12. Sri Suresh Teertha
13. Sri Raghavendra Teertha
14. Sri Raghunandana Teertha
15. Sri Vidyapathi Teertha
16. Sri Raghupathi Teertha
17. Sri Raghottama Teertha
18. Sri Ramabhadra Teertha
19. Sri Raghuvarya Teertha
20. Sri Raghupungava Teertha
21. Sri Raghuvara Teertha
22. Sri Raghupravira Teertha
23. Sri Raghubhushana Teertha
24. Sri Raghuratna Teertha
25. Sri Raghupriya Teertha
26. Sri Raghumanya Teertha
27. Sri Raghuvallabha Teertha
28. Sri Vidyamanya Teertha
29. Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha 

The second matha that Madhwacharya set up was Admar. Adamr is also a small village near Udupi.   
The first to head this matha is Narasimha Teertha, a disciple of Madhwacharya. The lineage if this matha is as follows:  

1. Sri Narasimha Teertha
2. Sri Kamalekshana Teertha
3. Sri Ramachandra Teertha
4. Sri Vidyadisha Teertha
5. Sri Vishwapathi Teertha
6. Sri Vishwesha Teertha
7. Sri Vedanidhi Teertha
8. Sri Vedaraja Teertha
9. Sri Vidyamurti Teertha
10. Sri Vaikuntaraja Teertha
11. Sri Vishwaraja Teertha
12. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
13. Sri Hiranyagarbha Teertha
14. Sri Vishwadisha Teertha
15. Sri Vishwavallabha Teertha
16. Sri Vishwendra Teertha
17. Sri Vidyapathi Teertha
18. Sri Vibudhapati Teertha
19. Sri Vedavallabha Teertha
20. Sri Vedavandya Teertha
21. Sri Vidyesha Teertha
22. Sri Vibudhavallabha Teertha
23. Sri Vibudhavandya Teertha
24. Sri Vibudhavarya Teertha
25. Sri Vibudhendra Teertha
26. Sri Vibudhadhiraja Teertha
27. Sri Vibudhapriya Teertha
28. Sri VibudhamanyaTeertha
29. Sri Vibudhesha Teertha
30. Sri VishwapriyaTeertha 

Krishnapur is the third matha. Krishnapur is a village near Suratkal. Janaardana Teertha is the first head of this matha.
The pontiffs are:  
1. Sri Janardana Teertha
2. Sri Srivatsankita Teertha
3. Sri Vageesha Teertha
4. Sri Lokeesha Teertha
5. Sri Lokanatha Teertha
6. Sri Lokapriya Teertha
7. Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertha
8. Sri Vishvavadiraja Teertha
9. Sri Vishvadhisha Teertha
10. Sri Vishvesha Teertha
11. Sri Vishvavandya Teertha
12. Sri Vishvaraja Teertha
13. Sri Dharanidhara Teertha
14. Sri Dharadhara Teertha
15. Sri Prajnamurthi Teertha
16. Sri Tapomurthi Teertha
17. Sri Suresvara Teertha
18. Sri Jagannatha Teertha
19. Sri Suresh Teertha
20. Sri Vishvapungava Teertha
21. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha
22. Sri Vishvabhushana Teertha
23. Sri Yadavendra Teertha
24. Sri Prajnamurthi Teertha
25. Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertha
26. Sri Vidyamurthi Teertha
27. Sri Vidyavailabha Teertha
28. Sri Vidyendra Teertha
29. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
30. Sri Vidyasamudra Teertha
31. Sri Vidyapathi Teertha
32. Sri Vidyadhisha Teertha
33. Sri Vidyapurna Teertha
34. Sri Vidyaratna Teertha
35. Sri Vidyasagara Teertha

The next Matha to come up is Puttige. The village by this name is in Puttur taluk of Dakshina Kannada. Upendra Teertha is the first to head this institution.
The heads of this matha are:
1  Sri Upendra Teertha
2. Sri Kavindra Teertha
3. Sri Hamsendra Teertha
4. Sri Yadavendra Teertha
5. Sri Dharanidhara Teertha
6. Sri Damodara Teertha
7. Sri Raghunath Teertha
8. Sri Srivatsanka Teertha
9. Sri Gopinatha Teertha
10. Sri Ranganatha Teertha
11. Sri Lokanatha Teertha
12. Sri Ramanatha Teertha
13. Sri Srivallabha Teertha
14. Sri Srinivasa Teertha
15. Sri Srinidi Teertha
16. Sri Gunanidhi Teertha
17. Sri Anandanidhi Teertha
18. Sri Taponidi Teertha
19. Sri Yadavendra Teertha
20. Sri Kaveendra Teertha
21. Sri Raghavendra Teertha
22. Sri Vibudhendra Teertha
23. Sri Surendra Teertha
24. Sri Bhuvanendra Teertha
25. Sri Yogeendra Teertha
26. Sri Sumatindra Teertha
27. Sri Sudindra Teertha
28. Sri Sugnanendra Teertha
29. Sri SugunendraTeertha

Shirur Matha is the fifth matha.Shirur is a village in Udupi district.
Vaamana Teertha was the first head.
The persons who have headed this matha are:
1. Sri Vamana Teertha
2. Sri Vasudeva Teertha
3. Sri Punyashloka Teertha
4. Sri Vedagamya Teertha
5. Sri Vedavyasa Teertha
6. Sri Vedavedya Teertha
7. Sri Mahesha Teertha
8. Sri Krishna Teertha
9. Sri Raghava Teertha
10. Sri Suresha Teertha
11. Sri Vedabhushana Teertha
12. Sri Srinivasa Teertha
13. Sri Vedanidhi Teertha
14. Sri Sridhara Teertha
15. Sri Yadavittama Teertha
16. Sri Lakshminarayana Teertha
17. Sri Vishvabhushana Teertha
18. Sri Trailokyapavana Teertha
19. Sri Lakshmikanta Teertha
20. Sri Lakshminarayana Teertha
21. Sri Lakshmipathi Teertha
22. Sri Lakshmidhara Teertha
23. Sri Lakshmiramana Teertha
24. Sri Lakshmimanohara Teertha
25. Sri Lakshmipriya Teertha
26. Sri Lakshmivallabha Teertha
27. Sri Lakshmisamudra Teertha
28. Sri Lakshmindra Teertha
29. Sri Lakshmivara Teertha

The Acharya made his younger brother, Vishnu Teertha, to head the Sode Matha. This matha wasmade famous by Vadiraja Teertha. This is the only matha that is far off from Udupi.
The seers who headed this matha are:   

1. Sri Vishnu Teertha
2. Sri Vedavyasa Teertha
3. Sri Vedavedya Teertha
4. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
5. Sri Vareesha Teertha
6. Sri Vamana Teertha
7. Sri Vasudeva Teertha
8. Sri Vedavyasa Teertha
9. Sri Varaha Teertha
10. Sri Vedatma Teertha
11. Sri Vishvavandya Teertha
12. Sri Ratnagarbha Teertha
13. Sri Vedanga Teertha
14. Sri Vidyapati Teertha
15. Sri Vishvavandya Teertha
16. Sri Vishva Teertha
17. Sri Vithala Teertha
18. Sri Varadaraja Teertha
19. Sri Vagisha Teertha
20.  Sri Vadiraja Teertha
21. Sri Vedavedya Teertha
22. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
23. Sri Vedanidhi Teertha
24. Sri Varadaraja Teertha
25. Sri Vishvadhirajendra Teertha
26. Sri Vadivandya Teertha
27. Sri Vishvavandya Teertha
28. Sri Vibudhaavarya Teertha
29. Sri Vishvanidhi Teertha
30. Sri Vishvadhisha Teertha
31. Sri Vishvesha Teertha
32. Sri Vishvapriya Teertha
33. Sri Vishvadhisha Teertha
34. Sri Vishvendra Teertha
35. Sri Vishvottama Teertha
36. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha 

Kaniyur is the seventh matha of the Asta Mathas. Rama Teertha was the first head. The heads of this matha are:

1. Sri Rama Teertha
2. Sri Raghunatha Teertha
3. Sri Raghupathi Teertha
4. Sri Raghunandana Teertha
5. Sri Yadunandana Teertha
6. Sri Vishvatma Teertha
7. Sri Vishvanatha Teertha
8. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
9. Sri Vagisha Teertha
10. Sri Varadapati Teertha
11. Sri Vishvapati Teertha
12. Sri Vishvamula Teertha
13. Sri Vedapati Teertha
14. Sri Vedaraja Teertha
15. Sri Vidyadhisha Teertha
16. Sri Vibudhesha Teertha
17. Sri Varijaksha Teertha
18. Sri Vishvendra Teertha
19. Sri Vibudhavandya Teertha
20. Sri Vibudhadhiraja Teertha
21. Sri Vidyaraja Teertha
22. Sri VibudhapriyaTeertha
23. Sri Vidyasagara Teertha
24. Sri Vasudeva Teertha
25. Sri Vidyapati Teertha
26. Sri Vamana Teertha
27. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
28. Sri Vidyasamudra Teertha
29. Sri Vidyavarinidhi Teertha
30. Sri Vidyavallabha Teertha

Pejavara matha is the last of the asta mathas.The first chief was Adhokshaja Teertha.

The seers who have presided over this matha are
1   Sri Adhokshaja Teertha
2. Sri Kamalaksha Teertha
3. Sri Pushkaraksha Teertha
4. Sri Amarendra Teertha
5. Sri Mahendra Teertha
6. Sri Vijayadhvaja Teertha
7. Sri Uttama Teertha
8. Sri Chintamani Teertha
9. Sri Damodara Teertha
10. Sri Vasudeva Teertha
11. Sri Vadindra Teertha
12. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
13. Sri Vishvaprajna Teertha
14. Sri Vijaya Teertha
15. Sri Vishvavijaya Teertha
16. Sri Vishveshwara Teertha
17. Sri Vishvabhushana Teertha
18. Sri Vishvavandya Teertha
19. Sri Vidyaraja Teertha
20. Sri Vishvamurthy Teertha
21. Sri Vishvapathi Teertha
22. Sri Vishvanidhi Teertha
23. Sri Vishvadhisha Teertha
24. Sri Vishvadhiraja Teertha
25. Sri Vishvabodha Teertha
26. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha
27. Sri Vishvapriya Teertha
28. Sri Vishvavarya Teertha
29. Sri Vishvaraja Teertha
30. Sri Vishvamanohara Teertha
31. Sri Vishvajna Teertha
32. Sri Vishvamanya Teertha
33. Sri Vishvesha Teertha
34. Sri Vishvaprasanna Teertha 

The Bhandarkeri Matha was once headed by AchutaPreeksha Teertha, the Guru of  Madhwacharya. It then divided into Bheemanakatte matha.
The heads of the Bhanderkere Matha are:

Sri Achyuta prajna Teertha
Sri Poorna prajna Teertha
1. Sri Satya Teertha
2. Sri Satyavrata Teertha
3. Sri Vishwadeesha Teertha
4. Sri Gadhadhara Teertha
5. Sri Vedanta Teertha
6. Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha
7. Sri Vishwamurti Teertha
8. Sri Raghuvedanta Teertha
9. Sri Raghunatha Teertha
10. Sri Hiranyagarbha Teertha
11. Sri Raghuvara Teertha
12. Sri Damodara Teertha
13. Sri Raghuvallabha Teertha
14. Sri Surottama Teertha
15. Sri Vishwottama Teertha
16. Sri Rajadhiraja Teertha
17. Sri Raghavendra Teertha
18. Sri Raghubhushana Teertha
19. Sri Raghuvarya Teertha
20. Sri Raghupungava Teertha
21. Sri Raghuvarya Teertha
22. Sri Raghuraja Teertha
23. Sri Rajavandya Teertha
24. Sri Vidyaraja Teertha
25. Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertha
26. Sri Vidyasagara Teertha
27. Sri Vidyapati Teertha
28. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
29. Sri Vidyarnava Teertha
30. Sri Vidyamanya Teertha (he took over the Palimar Matha)
31. Sri Vidyesha Teertha 

Another Madhwa Matha belonging to the times of Madhwacharya is Subramanya Matha. This matha was also headed by Vishnu Teertha, brother of Madhwacharya. Vidyabhushana belonged to this matha before he gave up sanyasa.
The pontiffs of this matha are
 1. Sri Vishnu Teertha  
2. Sri Aniruddha Teertha
3. Sri Varaaha Teertha
4. Shri Vaageesha Teertha
5. Shri Vishwesha Teertha
6. Shri Venkatesha Teertha
7. Shri Vakyadheesha Teertha
8. Sri Vidyaapathi Teertha
9. Sri Vaasudeva Teertha
10. Sri Vaamana Teertha
11. Sri Vedavyaasa Teertha
12. Sri Vaikuntavallabha Teertha
13. Sri Vijnaana Teertha
14. Sri Vimalathma Teertha
15. Sri Vibhudhesha Teertha
16. Sri Vedagarbha Teertha
17. Sri Vedapoojya Teertha
18. Sri Vedesha Teertha
19. Sri Vidyaadhiraaja Teertha
20. Sri Varadaraaja Teertha
21. Sri Varadesha Teertha
22. Sri Vidyaanidhi Teertha
23. Sri Vedaanthanidhi Teertha
24. Sri Vidyaadhipathi Teertha
25. Sri Vishwapooja Teertha
26. Sri Vishwavanddya Teerth
27. Sri Vishwaadhipathi Teerth
28. Sri Vishwapathi Teertha
29. Sri Vishwaadheesha Teertha
30. Sri Vidhyadheesha Teertha
31. Sri Vidhyaavallabha Teertha
32. Sri Vedaraaja Teertha
33. Sri Vidyaaraaja Teertha
34. Sri Vidyaapoorna Teertha
35. Sri Vyasa Teertha
36. Sri Vishwaanja Teertha
37. Sri Vidyaasindhu Teertha
38. Sri Vidyabhushana Teertha
39.Sri Vidyaprasanna Teertha

 Raghavendra Swamy Matha
The peetadhipathis of this matha are as follows:

1. Sri Padmanabha teertha
2. Sri Narahari Teertha
3. Sri Madhava Teertha
4. Sri Akshobhya Teertha
5. Sri Jaya Teertha
6. Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertha
7. Sri Kavindra Teertha
8. Sri Vageesha Teertha
9. Sri Ramachandra Teertha
10.Sri Vibhudendra Teertha
11Sri Jitamitra Teertha
12Sri Raghunandana Teertha
13 Sri Surendra Teertha
14. Sri Vijayeendra Teertha
15. Sri Sudheendra Teertha
16.Sri Raghavendra  Teertha
17. Sri Yogeendra Teertha
18. Sri Sureendra Teertha
19. Sri Sumateendra Teertha
20. Sri Upendra Teertha
21. Sri Vadeendra Teertha
22. Sri Vasudhendra Teertha
23. Sri Varadendra Teertha
24. Sri Dheerendra Teertha
25. Sri Bhuvanendra Teertha
26. Sri Subodhendra teertha
27. Sri Sujanendra Teertha
28. Sri Sujnanendra Teertha
29. Sri Sudharmendra Teertha
30. Sri Sugunendra Teertha
31. Sri Suprajnendra Teertha
32. Sri Sukruteendra Teertha
33. Sri Susheelendra Teertha
34. Sri Suvrateendra Teertha
35. Sri Suyameendra Teertha
36. Sri Sujayeendra Teertha
37. Sri Sushameendra Teertha
38. Sri Suyateendra Teertha

One of the most important mathas is Uttaradhi Matha. The seers to adorn this matha are:
1. Shi Padmanabha Teertha
2. Sri Narahari Teertha
3. Sri Madhava Teertha
4. Sri Akshobhya Teertha
5. Sri Jaya Teertha
6. Sri Vidyadhiraja Teertha
7. Sri Kavindra Teertha
8. Sri Vageesha Teertha
9Sri Ramachandra Teertha
10. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha
11. Sri Raghunatha Teertha
12. Sri Raghuvarya Teertha
13. Sri Raghuttama Teertha
14. Sri Vedavyasa Teertha
15. Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha
16. Sri Vedanidhi Teertha
17. Sri Satyavrata Teertha
18. Sri Satyanidhi Teertha
19. Sri Satyanatha Teertha
20. Sri Satyabhinava Teertha
21. Sri Satyapoorna Teertha
22. Sri Satyavijaya Teertha
23. Sri Satyapriya Teertha
24. Sri Satyabodha Teertha
25. Sri Satyasandha Teertha
26. Sri Satyavara Teertha
27. Sri Satyadharma Teertha
28. Sri Satyasankalpa Teertha
29. Sri Satyasantushta Teertha
30. Sri Satyaparayana Teertha
31. Sri Satyakaama Teertha
32. Sri Satyeshata Teertha
33. Sri Satyaparakrama Teertha
34. Sri Satyaveera Teertha
35. Sri Satyadheera Teertha
36. Sri Satyajnana Teertha
37. Sri Satyadhyana Teertha
38. Sri Satyaprajna Teertha
39. Sri Satyabhijna Teertha
40. Sri Satyapramoda Teertha
41. Sri Satyatma Teertha 

The Peeetadhipathos of Tambihalli or Majjagehalli matha are:
2) Sri Madhu Hari Teertha
3) Sri Narayana Teertha
4) Sri Paramjyothi Teertha
4) Sri MouniVarya Teertha
5) Sri Jaganath Teertha
6) Sri Gyanivarya Teertha
7) Sri RaghuPathi Teertha
8) Sri Hayagreeva Teertha
9) Sri Raghu Poongava Teertha
10) Sri  RahuVarya Teertha
11) Sri Raghu Nandha Teertha
12) Sri Raghu Pathi Teertha
13) Sri Ram Madhawa Teertha
14) Sri Keshava Madhawa Teertha
15) Sri Pragya Madhawa Teertha
16) Sri Dheera Madhawa Teertha
17) Sri Yogi Madhawa Teertha
18) Sri Vasudeva Madhawa Theerha
19) Sri Srinivasa Madhawa Teertha
20) Sri Veera Madhawa Teertha
21) Sri Satya Madhawa Teertha
22) Sri Vijya Madhawa Teertha
23) Sri Prasanna Shoora Madhawa Teertha 
24) Sri Vidya Sagara Madhawa Teertha

The pontiffs of the Vyasaraja (Sosale) matha are:

Śri Madhwacharya
Śrī Padmanābha Teertha
Śrī Nhari Teertha
Śrī Mādhava Teertha
Śrī Akobhya Teertha
Śrī Jaya Teertha
Śrī Vidyādhirāja Teertha
Śrī Rajendra Teertha
Śrī Jayadwaja Teertha
Śrī Purushothama Teertha
Śrī Bramhanya Teertha
Śrī Vyasaraja Teertha
Śrī Srinivasa Teertha
Śrī Rama Teertha
Śrī Lakshmikantha Teertha
Śrī Sripathi Teertha
Śrī Ramachandra Teetha
Śrī Lakshmivallabha Teertha
Śrī Lakshminatha Teertha
Śrī Lakshmipathi Teertha
Śrī Lakshminarayana Teertha
Śrī Raghunatha Teertha
Śrī Jagannatha Teertha
Śrī Srinatha Teertha
Śrī Vidyanatha Teertha
Śrī Vidyapathi Teertha
Śrī Vidyavallabha Teertha
Śrī Vidyakaantha Teertha
Śrī Vidyanidhi Teertha
Śrī Vidyapurna Teertha
Śrī Vidyasrisindhu Teertha
Śrī Vidyasridhara Teertha
Śrī Vidyasrinivasa Teertha
Śrī Vidyasamudra Teertha
Śrī Vidyaratnakara Teertha
Śrī Vidyavaridhi Teertha
Śrī Vidyaprasanna Teertha
Śrī Vidyapayonidhi Teertha
Śrī Vidyavachaspathi Teertha
Śrī Vidyamanohar Teertha

Sagarkatte Matha

Sri Pradyumna Teertha (1910-1975)
Sri Pragnaadhiraja Teertha
Sri Pragnadhirajendra Teertha

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