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Temples in Karnataka for begetting a child

Many friends of mine have been requesting me to give details of temples  where they can pray to get a child. When I mentioned that they could go to Mantralaya and pray to Raghavendra Swamy, they said they had done so but that they still wanted to perform pooja to deities that would help them beget children.
When I orally suggested the temples that I knew, they urged me to put it down on paper. It will not only help us but other similarly placed people, they said.
They wanted me to start with temples in and around Bangalore and then cover temples in other parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I cannot claim to be an expert on these matters and, hence, I have restricted myself to write about temples I know.
I have deliberately either left out or not written much about major temples such as Chamundi in Mysore, Nanjundeshwra in Nanjangud, Chamarajeshwara in Chamarajanagar, Ranganatha in Srirangapatna, Krishna in Udupi, Durga Parameshwari in Khateel, Annapoornaeshwari in Horanadu (Shimoga), Sharada in Sringeri, Manjunatha in Dharmastala and Kadri, Mookambike in Kollur, Ganapathi in Iddugunji  in Honnavara, Mahabaleshara and Mahaganapati temples in Gokarn, Dattatreya temple in Chikamagalur amd several others. I have concentrated on smaller tempes.
In Bangalore , there are a number of Rayaru Mathas, Navagraha, Subramanya (Murugan), Nagarkallu, where one can start poojas. In case one wants to start a pooja in the Rayaru math, talk to the archaka, get him to place the coconut before the brindavana, recite the relevant slokas and hand it back to you. Start the pooje at home itself. In case an astrologer says you have Sarpa Dosha or that you have to do Naga Prathistha, go to Ghati or Kukke Subramanya temples. Ghati is near Doddaballapur, Bangalore while Kukke is near Dharmastala.
You can also perform Kai (coconut) seve at Sode (Sonde) and pray for a child before the Brindavana Vadiraja Theertha. A similar seve can be done at the Moola Brindavana of Bramanya Theertha at Abbur (Chennapatna), Sripadaraja at Mulabagailu (Kolar) and Raghuttoma Theertha at Titukoilur (Tamil Nadu).  
In case you still want to perform poojas in specific temples whose deities are known for blessing couples for begetting children, here are a list of places. In this first part of the article, let me confine myself to the temples in Karnataka. I have started with temples in and around Bangalore.
Let me make it clear that I have no with or desire to propagate any superstition. I am only trying to help with details of some temples. I have visited almost all the temple mentioned here barring a few.  Please take it in the right spirit and if you have any more temples please do write about it. You can mail me if you want any more details. So here goes”
There are several temples dedicated to Murugan (Kartjikeye) in Bangalore and the most famous of them is in Hanumanthnagar (Kumaraswamy Temple road). There is temple dedicated to Nimishamba in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, (the original temple is near Sangam in Srirangapatna), Banashankari in Banashankari off the Inner Ring Road, Someshwara temple at Ulsoor, Gavi Gangadheswara in Gavipuram, Kote Anjeneya and Kote Venkataramna temples near City Market, the Bull Temple and Ganesha Temple on Bull Tempe road, Basavanagudi and the oldest Raghavendra Swamy temple in Bangalore at Seethapathi Agrahara.
Some of the other temples dedicated to Raghavendra Swamy are at Chickpet, N R Colony, Aknoor Matha, Jayanagar 4th T Block (Pattabhiramanagar), Jayanagar 5th Block, Bull Temple Road, Vyasaraja Matha (Gandhi Bazar), Shakambari Matha, Girinagar, Banashankari (near Banashankari BDA Complex).Indiranagar, Swimming Pool Extension, Malleswaram, Prakash Nagar, RT Nagar, BEML Layout (Rajarajeshwarinagar), Vijayanagar, Vidyaranyapura, Maruti Seve Nagar, Hulimavu, Yelahanka.

Now let me start with temples around Bangalore. Almost all these temples can be seen in a day if one takes Bangalore as the base camp.       

Ghati Subramanya:

A few kms down the Doddaballapur Railway station, the place is well-known for rituals relating to Naga Prathiste and Sarpa Dosha.
It has an idol of Kartkikeye and Narasimha and  is two hours drive (60kms) from Bangalore.
KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore, Yelahanka and Doddaballapur. Hired and shared taxis, autos and tempos are available from Dodddaballapur. Accommodation is available near the temple itself in case the priest wants you to stay overnight.

Parvati Sita temple in Avani:

The Parvati Sita temple in Avani near Mulabagilu is steeped in history. The temples dedicated to Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Bharata, Shatruhna were constructed by the Nolamba kings and subsequently repaired or renovated by the Cholas.
A woman wanting a child should bathe at the small pond called Danuskodi and without changing the clothes, carry the coconut she is earlier given by the priest through a small cave. (Locals say that Parvati appears in the dreams of women who perform the seva and blesses them. More about it in my next article).
Stay at nearby Kolar or Mulabagilu which is just 15 kms from Avani. Take time off to offer prayers to Brindavana of Sripadaraja at Narasimha Theertha which is 10 kms away from Mulabagal. Sripadaraja, in his earlier avatar was Dhruva. Perform Kai (coconut) seve here and ask the Archaka for details. They are all very  helpful.

Hanuman Temple: Mulabagilu

Arjuna is believed to have consecrated the idol of Hanuman after the Mahabharata war. The idols of  Venkataramana, Padmavathi,.
The idols of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana was installed by sage Vasistha. This temple too is known for belping couples beget children

Malur Aprameya Swamy Temple: Chennapatna.

Located on the Bangalore-Mysore road, is the famous temple dedicated to Aprameya in a small village called Malur and is easily accessible by road. Pray at the Ambegalu Krishna shrine located behind  the main deity. Installed by Vyasa, the idol’s beauty so overcame Purandara Dasa that he sang Jagadodarana while standing in front of it.


A few kms away from Chennapatna is Abbur which is the native of Sripadaraya and Bramanya Theertha. The brindavana of  Bramanya Theertha is located in Abbur and the math is under control of Kumdapur Vyasaraja Math.
Bramanye Theertha is the fourth pontiff  of  Vyasaraja Math.
The first pontiff was Rajendra Theertha, followed by Jayadwaja Theertha, Purushottama Theertha and Bramanya Theertha. After Bramanya Theertha comes, Vyasa Theertha.
Offer seve at the Brindavana of Bramanya Theertha and do Kai seve. Accommodation is available in Abbur for an overnight stay or rest at Chennapatna.

Narasimha: Maddur

The Ugra Narasimha Temple in Fort. Maddur, is on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway. Legend has it that Krishna helped Arjuna have a darshan of Narasimha. Couples are expected to perform Tirumanjanam. The temple is open from 8 to 12 in the morning and again from  5 to 8-30 in the evening..


A small village near Ganjam, Srirangapatna, and on the banks of Cauvery, the temple is famous for Goddess Nimishamba, an avatar of Parvati. The goddess is supposed to wash away sins in a minute. Hence the name Nimishamba. The temple is 2 kms from Srirangapatna. Autos, tempoes, buses are available from Sriranganapatna, Mandya and Mysore .

Tirunarayanapuram Temple  Melkote

One of the most ancient temples of South India , the idol of Narayana was brought here by Sanatakumaras. Therefore, the name Tirunarayanapuram. This is the place where Ramanujacharya stayed for several years. .  Offer prayers after bathing in the Kalyani.

Halu Rameshwara:

Eleven kms from Hosadurga in Chitradurga district, it has a wishing well with milky white water. Hence, the name Halu Rameshwara. Buses are available from Chitradurga and Hosadurga. People who want their wishes fulfilled come here and pray. This temples has been attracting hune crowds.     

Now I come to some temples in Mangalore and Udupi.

Subramanya, Kukke:

Located in Sullia taluk near Mangalore, it is one of the best known temples. Elaborate Naga Pratishte and Sarpa Dosha rituals are performed here. Sevas are generally performed in day time.

Manjunatha Dharmastala:

This temple is so very well known that I do not need to give any information. It would suffice to say that you can stay either at Dharmastala or Kukke and visit the temples. 


Near Sirsi, this village is home to the Brindavana of Vadiraja Theertha who lived for 120 years from 1480 to 1600. He is considered next to Madhwacharya in the Madhwatradition. There is an old temple of Trivikrama adjoining the Sonde Math. You can perform Kai Pooje after taking bath at Dhaula Gange. Participate in the Booth Bali rituals. 


There is the famous Marikamba temple. There is also a temple dedicated to Ganesha.


The Sri Krishna math houses the Krishna temple consecrated here by Madhwacharya. Perform sevas here.  Take time off to visit nearby places such as Pajaka Kshetra-the birthplace of
Madhwa, 10 kms away.

Kumbasi (Anugudde)

 It is an ancient pilgrimage centre famous for its idol of Ganesha in a standing posture. The temple tank is unique as it has separate enclosures called Surya and Chandra Pushkarni. 

There are innumerable temples in the Udupi-Mangalore-Kawrar region. Each temple has its own significance and history. Visit the temples at Khateel, Kollur, Mangala Devi in Mangalore, Koteshwara,  Gokarna,   Murudeshwar.
 These are some of the temples I have personally visited. I could therefore write about them, There are hundreds of other temples which are known to fulfil the desires of people.  

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