Thursday 29 November 2012

Rayaru made my grandfather walk

I am one of the contributors for the blog Samyuktha Harshitha.
I read with interest the two articles on Raghavendra Swamy. I decided to write the third about a miracle that occurred in our own house.
My grandparents are from Mysore. My grandfather was a doctor. His name was Dr. M.S. Seebanna. My grandmother is Sharadamma and she is 95 years of age. This story is about how Rayaru helped my grandfather during a period of difficulty.
This incident happened during the early 1970s. My grandfather had a dispensary called Lokamba in Mysore. He was one of the first doctors to set up a dispensary in Mysore. He was a very tall and handsome man. He was extremely fond of Masala Dosas and he offered them generously to anyone who came to visit him. These masala dosas from Raju Hotel in Mysore were famous and I had the privilege of tasting them sitting on the lap of my grandfather.
Grandfather had a daily routine which was set for decades. People on the road in Shivarampet where my grandparents lived set their clock by grandfather’s walk to and from the dispensary. I always saw him in a huge Jubba and White Panche. He never wore lungi.
I once asked my grandfather why he did not wear suits. He smiled and told me this story which my grandmother collaborated with more details.
One day, my grandfather and his friends went to Fountain Hotel in Mysore for a cup of coffee. On the way back, my grandfather lost mobility on both his legs. He was unable to even keep his feet on the ground. His friends initially thought it might be some minor problem and brought him home.
A doctor was called and his prognosis of the sudden loss of mobility in the legs was not good. My grandfather, who was always seen in perfect English dress of  coat, pant and hat was deeply disappointed.
He had always been a follower of Rayaru and remembered him often. He turned to Rayaru for help. He performed seva for five days and requested Rayaru to give him back the mobility in his legs. In the meanwhile, the doctors were doing their best to unravel what had happened to my grandfather but to no avail
On the fifth day, Rayaru appeared in my grandfather’s dreams and gave him a silver cup full of  Panchamruta. “Drink this and get up and walk. Do not worry”, Rayaru said.
The next day, when my grandfather awoke, he felt some sensation in his legs and during the next few days he managed to get back the mobility in his legs. He then once again began his clockwork like walk from home to the dispensary but by then he had decided to give up Western clothes and settled for a Jubba with White Panche.
The Lokamba Dispensary once again opened and Grandfather once again began treating patients. He continued treating patients for several years before calling it a day.
Most of the patients who came to him for treatment did not have money for payment. Instead, they paid him in kind-some gave him fresh bananas, while others offered vegetables they had brought to Mysore for selling form their villages. Grandfather accepted them happily, without a murmer.
Whenever I visited the clinic, which was very often, he would speed me off to Raju Hotel, ordering Masala Dosas. My grandfather died of cancer several decades ago. However, my grandmother is still going strong at 95. She too is a devotee of Raghavendra Swamy.
My next article on the miracle of Raghavendra Swamy will be on my Grandmother.       

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