Thursday 29 November 2012

One hundredth article

Well, in just a month’s time after starting the blog, we managed to write 100 articles. The articles deal with a variety of topics from Madhwa seers to history, temple visits, personalities and sight seeing.
The blog hopes that the readers and viewers have enjoyed the experience. We have tried to highlight issues that are generally either not easy to access in the public domain or which remain relatively unknown. 
All the article are written from first hand experience. We at the blog have endeavored to give the readers an unbiased view of the events, personalities and tourist spots. Much of the writing has been concentrated on Madhwa seers as we are more familiar with it.
We have consciously avoided writing in first person as we wanted the readers to go out  there and enjoy the place we had mentioned. However, in some cases bringing in personal views becomes inevitable and even in such cases, the personal element has been substantially reduced.
We are yet to write about  Sripadaraja Swamy, Bramanye Theertha  and Raghuttama Theertha. We have written substantially on Madhwacharya and Vyasa Theertha. Write ups on other Madhwa seers would follow shortly.
The next few articles would focus on some miracles that we have personally been witness to or our close kith and kin have experienced. In such cases, it becomes difficult to avoid the personal touch. We will begin with a write up on Raghavendra Swamy and his miracle.
The blog is very simple in design. We will add more photographs shortly. The articles, including those in the archives, will be labeled and categorized into distinct boxes. This, we hope will be more reader friendly.
We have also started a small blog exclusively on Bangalore. This blog too will be given a link here along with another Madhwa blog called Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu which belongs to Meera Subbarao. Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu has a lot of articles on Raghavendra Swamy apart from details of Hindu festivals, Madhwa dishes and personalities.
Happy reading.    

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