Thursday 29 November 2012

Rayaru gave me Mantrakshate

He was a well-known academician of Mysore. A professor and head of department of a  prestigious college, he and his wife had come to the Rayara Matha at Subbarayana Kere in Mysore.
The couple’s only son is an engineer with a prestigious company in Bangalore.
The professor is not a very orthodox man. Though he goes to temples and believes in gods and miracles, he cannot be called orthodox.
The Professor and his wife have visited several holy and pilgrim spots in India. They perform poojas every day and Lord Narasimha is their family diety.   
On that day, the afternoon was hot and the professor looked tired. He was also slightly exhausted from all the work he had put in. He was slowly doing the Pradakshina of  the Brindavana in the matha.
The matha was practically deserted as it was almost closing time. The matha officials were preparing to close down the shutters for the afternoon and arrangements were being made to serve Theertha Prasada.
The professor completed the first Pradakshina. Even as he was going around the Brindavana with devotion to Rayaru in hi heart, an old man who was slightly bent with age accosted him and gave him Mantrakshate.
The Professor took the Mantrakshate and completed the Pradakshina. He then tried to find out where the old man had gone. He could not find him and the ne he realised that it was Rayaru who gave him the Mantrakshate.
To this day, the Professor is blessed by Rayaru. He gets the Mantrakshate every year on a particular night. When he opens his wrist in the morning, the Mantrakshate is in his palms.
He has kept the Mantrakshate in a box in his pooja room where it occupies the pride of place.
Rayaru also appeared in person when the Professor and his wife visited Mantralaya.
Well, this is the Mahime of Rayaru at  Subbarayanakere.
This matha is the oldest Raghavendra Swamy Temple in Mysore and it belongs to the Nanjangud Raghavendra Swamy Matha.
There are several other miracles associated with Rayaru here. However, since we are not personally connected with the persons who got the benefit of Rayaru;s grace, we will refrain from writing about it.
In this case, we can personally vouch for the miracle of Professor and his wife. We have seen the Mantrakshathe given to him by Rayaru every year. We also know him and his family members personally.
The previous seer of Raghavendra Swamy Matha, Sushemendra Theertha, was one of the officials who worked in this matha before his elevation as a pontiff.
My parents, grandparents and myself have had the honour of taking Theertha and Mantrakshathe from the hands of Sushemendra Theertha several decades ago. This great man had come to our house near Krishna Mandira in Shivarampet in Mysore and I can still recall this event.  
Today, the circle where the NS Road and Veena Seshanna Road intersect is called as Sushamendra Theertha Vrutta (Circle).
By the way, there is a small park near the Raghavendra Swamy Temple which has a history of its own. This was the park where  freedom fighters gathered to hold meetings during pre-Independence days.
The park, which is located on seven acres, on Chamaraja Double road, has been renamed as Freedom Fighters' Memorial Park or as “Tyagi Park.’’

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