Friday, 6 September 2013

The Lord's toe that broke

The ongoing imbroglio over the formation of Telangana has disrupted normal life in Andhra Pradesh. It has also affected tourist and pilgrim flow to and from Andhra Pradesh and Tirumala-Tirupathi is no exception.
The temple town of Tirupathi is renowned for housing the richest temple in the world-now it is the second richest after Guravayoor. This is the temple of Srinivasa, Venkateshwara or Balaji.
The temple is the life and soul of  Indians and any event or happening is not only national but also international news. However, one sad event that occurred at the abode of the Lord of Seven Hills but this has not received adequate attention and perhaps one of the reasons is the Telangana issue.
What happened has left the devotes and the orthodox shocked.  
The left big toe of the revered holy feet of Lord Venkateswara at Srivari Padalu, which is about 7 kilometres from the main temple that houses the deity of Srinivasa, came apart.
TTD officials believe that  breaking of coconuts by devotees could have damaged the toe. A day after the incident came to light, the TTD took up patch work and posted security at the place
The Srivari Padalu is believed to be the very place where Lord Venkateswara first landed from Vaikuntam in search of his abode, which is now the sanctum santorum of the Balaji temple.
It is one of the holiest of the places of worship atop Tirumala and it is here that the feet are worshipped. It is situated a little ahead of the Sila Thoranam or naturally formed geological stone arch at Tirumala.
It is known as the first foot step of the lord which he set on this piece of earth. The foot marks are visible and the direction of the feet points towards the new sanctum sanctorum of the Srinivasa Temple.
The Srivari Padalu is the highest hill top among the seven hills and it offers a spectacular view of  Tirupathi and surroundings of Tirumala. This is Naraynadri or the Hill of Narayana. This is one of the few places where TTD buses or transport do not operate. So, we  have to either walk or take our own transport. You can also walk on the paved stairs to reach this place as there is no other alternative.
There is a tree nearby where people tie threads so that their wishes get fulfilled. Some people leave their visiting cards of business for growth and prosperity.
Photography is allowed here and there are no charges. 

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