Thursday 13 December 2012

Rayaru gave darshana to this Prof

This post is in response to queries by people to one of  the replies that I had written in the blog Samyuktha Harshita in an article called “The Speaking Brindavana”. In that post, I had mentioned the name of Prof M S Anantha.
Many readers wanted to know who this Professor is and what is the story behind the Rayaru Mahime.
Well, here goes the story and I can personally vouch for its authenticity.
The professor and his wife stay on Bangalore along with their son, daughter-in-law and grandson. This episode happened three years ago.
The family of the Professor decided to visit Mantralaya. The Professor had been particularly desirous of seeing Rayaru at Mantralaya for a particular reason.
Every year, on a particular day, when the Professor went to sleep, he would wake up sweating. Sometimes, he would be talking in his sleep and this would wake up his wife. He would then lapse back into deep slumber.
The next morning, when the Professor woke up, he would feel very tired and the head would feel very heavy. (Tale Bhara in Kannada). After he got up from bed, he would find Mantrakshathe either in his palms or beneath his pillow. This Mantrakshathe is not red in colour but yellow.
The Professor told me that he saw Rayaru in his dream. Rayaru would beckon to him, bless him and then hand over the Mantrakshathe to him personally. Rayaru then asked the Professor to keep the Mantrakshathe safe and in the pooja room and worship it.
This has been happening for several years now and the Mantrakshethe is collected and kept in a small box in the pooja room alongside idols. A similar incident of Mantrakshathe had triggered the wish of the Professor to make a trip to Mantralaya.
The Professor and his family left in their car and reached Mantralaya.
On the second day of their visit, the Professor and his family were sitting along with hundreds of people in the Rajangala of the Matha and watching the Raghavendra Swamy Matha seer performing the pooje.
All the people were absorbed in watching the pooje and so was the Professor and his family. Suddenly, the Professor felt and even sensed someone putting a hand in the pocket of his Jubba (long coat). He informed about it to his son who laughed it away. He said how could anyone come near when so many people were gathered at one place.
Moreover, neither the Professor’s wife nor his son and daughter-in-law had seen anything. The Professor, however, was adamant that he had sensed something. He put his hand in the pocket and when it came out, it had a fistful of Mankrakshathe.
Remember, the pooje was still on and the venerable Mantralaya seer had not yet distributed Phala Mantrakshathe to the devotees.
A little later, when the Professor was walking around the Brindavana complex, he was accosted by a aged bearded man wearing holy robes. This holy man walked him around the Brindavana and spoke to him. The Professor, told me that he felt he was in a trance and, therefore, could not speak to the old man. When he completed the Pradakshine and stood before the Brindavana, the old man had vanished. It was only much later that the Professor came to know that he had been escorted around by Rayaru himself.
Two years later, the Professor had a scary encounter with death. One day, he felt he was moving out of his body. He experienced great pain and discomfort when he came out of the mortal frame. His wife and daughter-in-law rushed him to a nearby hospital where his condition was stated to be serious.
All the while the Professor’s wife was loudly asking her husband to come back. Vaapas Banni-come back, she was repeatedly saying. To the astonishment of the doctors, para medical staff and the emergency team of  the ICU, the Professor revived without any medicine.
The Professor told me he floated back into the body. Subsequent tests by the doctors indicated nothing amiss and the Professor in pink of health. Even today, the doctor on duty and doctor at the ICU in the star hospital scratch their head, not knowing how to explain this phenomenon.
They say a person being brought into the hospital in an ambulance with almost no breath and no heart beat. Though, they had told the professor’s wife to expect the worst and had asked her to call her dear and near ones, the expected never happened and  the Professor got up and walked away to perfect health.
This, the Professor later noted, as due to Rayaru, his anugraha and the Mankrakshathe.                                 

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