Wednesday 19 December 2012

Action taken report of Vyasaraja Matha

This is a email communication by Mr. K. Jairaj, Administrator of the Sri Sosale Vyasaraja Matha. He has been appointed by the State Government to streamline the administration of the matha. He has  taken several steps in this direction. This is an action taken report. It has been reproduced verbatim, and with no changes.

1.00 The Government of Karnataka has appointed Sri. K. Jairaj, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary, as Administrator of Sri Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) on 26th May 2012. After retirement, Sri. Jairaj continued to be the Administrator of the Mutt. Consequent upon taking over the charge by the Administrator, several measures have been initiated to stem rot in the institution and to invigorate measures relating to probity in official practices, accounting Mutt resources, streamlining administration & protecting Mutt properties.
2.00 The Administrator has appointed a core group of four retired individuals with an extensive service in the Government/Public Sector to assist him in his duties. These officials are in place.
3.00 The main changes in the past six months (May 2012 to November 2012) are indicated below:
A) Finance & Accounts
• When charge of the Mutt was taken over on 26th May 2012, it was astonished to note that there was no effective system of accounting or maintenance of Bank balances by the Swamiji.
• Donations received by the Mutt & offerings made by the devotees and put into boxes (Hundies) were appropriated by private individuals with no accounts there on.
• The Administrator instituted a system of proper accounting and documentation from scratch. The services of a reputed Chartered Accountant were hired and daily accounts were started, including computerization of Accounts by installing Tally package.
• Separate Bank accounts were opened in which seva receipts, rentals and others were deposited.
• Opening of the hundies (Hundi boxes where devotees offer their money in cash) was under proper supervision and with mahzars every month. The amount collected were deposited in Bank accounts.
• Strict control of expenditure was initiated and carefully monitored.
• Regular income and expenditure statement have been drawn up each month and pasted in the office board of the Mutt for public information.
• As a result of the official streamlining which has taken place, the income of the Mutt as on October 31st 2012 was Rs. 70,65,362/- There has been a surplus of Rs. 36,83,273/- as per balance sheet prepared as on 31st October 2012 [enclosed].
• The Administrator has initiated a system of comprehensive audit by a qualified Chartered Accountant. The audit for the period from 26th May 2012 to 31st August 2012 has been presented before the Advisory Committee meeting held on 5.11.2012.
• At the time of take over, there was no acquaintance roll of the employees in the Mutt. Monthly payments were made either by cash or by deferred payments without maintaining any acquaintance roll.
• The Administrator made a thorough and comprehensive appraisal of the staff requirement and responsibilities. Following this, the pay of the staff was increased by an average of 35% over present wage with effect from 1.9.2012. The monthly outgo of staff salary for 55 employees is Rs. 1.68 lakhs.
• The staff salaries are currently being paid only through cheques.
• Some changes in staff have been initiated bearing in mind the requirement and efficiencies In administration. In coming months, measures including medical insurance will be instituted.
• The Mutt did not possess an effective system of inventory in relation to immovable properties. The Government order on 26th May 2012 indicates several cases of sale, lease and wrongful alienation of properties of the Mutt in different places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
• Immediately on taking over Mutt properties at Tirumala (Tirupathi) consisting of Brindavanam and a choultry had been taken over. These properties were wrongfully alienated by the Swamiji as per report of the TTD Chief Vigilance Officer. On take over, this property has begun to yield an average daily return of Rs.11,000/-
• Steps have been initiated to take back the possession of other properties wrongfully alienated in Karnataka , Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh.
• Valuable properties of the Mutt in the form of shops & establishments have been leased at an extremely low rent and with no documentation at Gandhi Bazaar, Chickpet in Bangalore and in Mandya District & at Udup. Systematic documentation of each of these locations has been started.
• The Administrator and staff after discussions with the tenants of the premises in Gandhi Bazaar have increased rent by 30% with consent of the tenants and this will fetch an addition of about Rs. 16,160/- .per month along with the existing rents of Rs. 22,530/- being received.
• The Advisory Committee has approved permanent civil repairs of the Mutt building at Benne Govindappa Street, Mysore, Sosale and Mysore, which will be initiated shortly. These repairs likely to cost Rs. 10,28,632/- will be executed under the supervision of Captain Sri. Raja Rao, former Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Water Resources and a devotee of the institution.
• To guide the Administrator in the Management of the Mutt affairs, the Govt. of Karnataka in its order dt.26.5.2012 has constituted an Advisory Committee of eminent personalites consisting of Justice Sri M.N.Venkatachalaiah, former Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Justice S.R. Venkatesha Murthy, former Judge to the Karnataka High Court, Sri Sheshachandrika, eminent Journalist and recipient of Rajyotsava award in 2012 and other individuals. The Advisory Committee met on four occasions namely on 26.6.2012, 26.7.2012, 22.8.2012 and 5.11.2012 and deliberated all policy issues concerning the Mutt including staff, properties, rentals and related matters.
• The Administrative changes have been initiated to tone up administration in branches at Benne Govindappa Street, Chickpet, Tirumala and T.Narasipura respectively.
• The Administrator with the help of several individuals started “Tatva Chandrika”, official magazine of the Mutt, which was discontinued for some time now.
• An official website of the Mutt namely inaugurated by Smt. Sudha Murthy, Chair Person, Infosys. The website is a forum to communicate with all the devotees about the activities of the Mutt.
• Comparing to the hopeless position which existed in the Mutt on 26.5.2012 namely, the lack of official discipline in management of properties, absence of proper financial management & upkeep of accounts & the indiscipline work force, the Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) now is gradually limping back to normalcy. There is all-round accountability and discipline in its work, needs of the devotees are being met and religious practices in the institution are being carried out scrupulously and as per religious tenets.
• The Administrator expects that the official surplus of the institution will reach atleast Rs. 50,00,000/- (5 millions) before the end of March 2013.

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