Monday 21 January 2013

The Temple where Gods assemble

There is no deity here and this structure stands among many other temples. There is nothing very unique about this temple either in terms of architecture or building.
The only reason that this temple has become famous is because it is believed that it is here that the Gods and Goddesses assemble regularly. This temple is in Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa.
Initially, this temple was dedicated to Shiva. It is believed to have been built in the 14th century.
It is better known as Chitrakarini Temple. This temple has been so named as the locals say that it is here that the Gods and Goddesses assemble.
The locals prefer to call the structure as Deva Sabha or the assembly of Gods. The temple today does not have any idol in the sanctum sanctorum. Yet, tourists flock to it as some of the architectural features date back to the 14th century.
The temple is built in what is called Rekha Deul style of construction. This style was very common in the 14th century.
Though the temple gives the idea of  having been abandoned, the walls are beautifully carved. The temple stands on a low and square platform which is  typical of a Rekha deul design.
It has a square sanctum with a front porch.
It is pancharatha, as distinguished by a central raha and pair of anuratha and kanika pagas on either sides of the raha.
The doorjamb is devoid of any ornamentation and has just two plain vertical bands. It faces East.
The Devasabha Temple is situated in the Kharakhia Vaidyanath temple precinct in old Town area of Bhubaneswar. This is an abandoned temple and is facing towards the east.
Kharakhia Vaidyanath is the temple dedicated to Shiva. The linga here has no roof. The deity is so named because it is open to the sky with the sun rays falling directly over it through out the day (Kharakhia). It is being regularly worshipped. There are other temples in the complex.
Bhubanshwar is well connected by rail road and air. It has plenty of hotels and many sights to see nearby.

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